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May Teen Reads

May Teen Reads

Take a look at some of the new titles available this month in Teen Central!

Bite Me, Royce Taslim by Lauren Ho

When an unfortunate accident ruins her hopes for a track scholarship, Agnes Chan decides to participate in a stand-up comedy contest. However, she never expected to be pitted against Royce Taslim, her rival. As the competition heats up, Agnes soon discovers that Royce may not be the person she thought he was.


Perfect Little Monsters by Cindy RX He

Ella, the most popular girl in school, has been murdered. The police suspect Dawn, who was last seen with her, but Dawn is adamant about her innocence and decides to fight back. As she delves deeper into Ella’s friend group, she realizes that while Ella might have been popular, she and her friends were not well-liked, and their list of enemies is extensive.


Blood at the Root by Ladarrion Williams

Malik and his brother have been on the run ever since his mother disappeared and his uncontrollable powers emerged. A chance encounter, however, leads him to a magical university where he can learn how to control his abilities and possibly uncover the mystery of his mother’s disappearance.


A Crane Among Wolves by June Hur

In 16th century Korea, a power-hungry king rules with an iron fist.  After he sets his sights on Suyeon, her younger sister, Iseul, decides to travel to the capital to save her sister.  When her journey collides with that of the king’s brother, Prince Daehyun, the two decide that they are stronger if they work together.


10 Things I Hate About Prom by Elle Gonzalez Rose

Ivelisse is stunned when her best friend, Joaquin, reveals that he is going to ask another girl to prom.  Ivelisse knows that she and Joaquin don’t make sense as a couple, but she thought it would be the two of them forever.  When Joaquin asks for Ivelisse’s help creating a large promposal, Ivelisse gives in, hoping that, just maybe, Joaquin will finally see her.


It Waits in the Forest by Sarah Dass

When an attack leaves her mother in a coma, Selina’s dreams of leaving the island for school are crushed.  Selina refuses to believe in magic, despite the whispers she hears around the island, but when her ex-boyfriend helps her investigate her mother’s attack, evil in the forest begins to reveal itself.


Beach Cute by Beth Reekles

Three teens, strangers to each other, are all struggling with their place in life.  A summer vacation at a popular resort sounds like the perfect way for each of them to get out of their funk.  As Rory, Luna, and Jodie meet, they realize that they have a lot in common, and this summer might just be their best yet.


The Brightwood Code by Monica Hesse

During WWI, Edda worked on the frontlines as a switchboard operator.  Now that the war is over, she is back in the States working as a telephone operator.  When a secret codeword comes up on a phone call, Edda finds herself thrust back into the shadows of war, confronting buried secrets she had hoped to leave behind.


Have You Seen This Girl by Nita Tyndall

When girls start going missing in Sid’s town, Sid knows it has to be someone copying her father’s kills.  As the ghost of the most recently killed girl joins the other five ghosts, Sid becomes pressured to speak with her father, find out what he knows, and figure out who is now hunting the girls of Cardinal Creek.


The Lamplighter by Crystal J. Bell

Shortly after assuming the role as the village lamplighter, Temperance is confronted with a series of sudden disappearances and the looming threat of a lurking monster. Keeping quiet about her discovery could doom the village, but speaking out could put her family, and especially her younger sisters, in danger.

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