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More than a Story: Favorite Non-fiction Picture Books

More than a Story: Favorite Non-fiction Picture Books

Check out some of our favorite non-fiction picture books that may help answer the big questions the kids in your life ask. With simple text accompanied by beautiful illustrations, these are sure to be a hit in your family!

Non-fiction Picture Books

A story that goes through the water cycle and the seasons of the year. With short rhymes on each page, this book works well with multiple age groups, with learning opportunities for everyone!
This book is great for anyone who loves trains. Locomotive tells a story of pioneer train travel by steam engine, both as an innovation and a danger. The illustrations are highly detailed, and help transport you to this historic time period. There is even a diagram of all the different parts of a steam engine in the back and how it works!
Did you know that birds aren’t the only animals who make nests? This book goes through many different animals that build nests, with beautiful illustrations and both basic and in-depth text for each animal and their nest. This book is part of a whole series with great illustrations and we highly recommend them all for the nature explorers in your family.
This is a stunning book talking about one of the greatest natural wonders in the United States. The illustrations are also lovely. This book has many levels of information for you to dive into, depending on your child’s interest and age level. There is a background story of a parent and child back-packing through the canyon, giving lots of opportunities to talk about what the two are up to.

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