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Navigating Nonfiction for Teens

Navigating Nonfiction for Teens

Have you ever wondered how the books in PGTPL’s nonfiction collection are organized? The answer: using the Dewey Decimal System! 

The Dewey Decimal System groups information into 10 broad categories, which are then broken down into narrower and more refined topics. The 10 categories are represented by three-digit numerals, also known as call numbers–the first number represents the general classification and the second and third numbers represent narrower classifications. For instance, the 400 classification is for books about language, and the 419 classification is for books about sign languages. With the help of just three digits, you can go into any nonfiction section at PGTPL or other libraries that use the Dewey Decimal System to find books about the same topics. 

Take a look at the 10 Dewey Decimal System categories and check out some of Teen Central’s new nonfiction books:

New nonfiction

000 – General Knowledge

100 – Philosophy and Psychology

200 – Religion and Mythology

300 – Social Sciences

400 – Language

500 – Natural Science and Mathematics

600 – Technology and Applied Science

700 – Arts and Recreation

800 – Literature

900 – History and Geography

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