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New Books for March

New Books for March

The Start of a New Series!

The City We Became by N.K. Jemisin: Three-time Hugo Award winner Jemisin introduces us to a fantastical New York City in this staggering series starter! New York is literally alive and its very soul is being threatened by a malevolent force known only as the Woman in White. It’s up to 5 warriors known as “avatars” – one from each borough – to band together and take down this seemingly unstoppable monster. The first in a new trilogy that will appeal to both adult and older teen readers.

A Lesser Told Story of Plymouth and the Pilgrims

Beheld by TaraShea Nesbit: Alice Bradford, wife to the Plymouth Colony’s governor, and Eleanor Billington, a former indentured servant, are on opposite ends of the colony’s society, but their lives are about to come crashing together in a violent fashion. A new settler has just arrived in Plymouth and Alice’s husband has given this newcomer the land that was promised to Eleanor and her husband. Already known as rebels who never hesitate to point out Plymouth’s inequities, the Billington’s do not take this broken promise lightly.  Before the end of the day, more than one person will end up dead. But how did we get there? Award-winning author Nesbit gives us a thoroughly-researched historical murder mystery told through the eyes of two very different women. 

International Intrigue for Gamers

88 Names by Matt Ruff: Put down your controllers, everyone, because Matt Ruff has given us a spectacular techno-thriller! John Chu owns a lucrative “sherpa” business where he guides players through massively complex virtual reality games providing only the best characters with the flashiest weapons. But shortly after a bad personal break-up, Chu takes on what seems like a fun, high-paying gig, but turns out to be something else entirely. An anonymous client offers to pay him $100,00 a week for his exclusive services. As he works with his client, he begins to suspect that his client is none other than North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un on a dangerous power kick. On top of that, a mysterious virtual reality avatar has been lurking around Chu in the games and making some vague threats that makes him suspect that she might be a Chinese operative. Caught up in international politics and espionage, Chu must figure out not just what his client and this operative want from him, but who they even are! A page-turner of a thriller as exciting and addictive as virtual games themselves.


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