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New Kits for Teens

New Kits for Teens

Let’s make learning fun! Teen Central now has kits that can help learn new technology and crafting skills.


Sphero Mini

This miniature robot is great for learning how to code or just running through an equally miniature obstacle course. An Android or IOS device is required.


Sphero Specdrums

Specdrums are wearable rings that read color.  The color is translated into a music note , which can then be used to create your own music on a digital device. An Android or IOS device is required.




Knitting Loom Set

This kit contains three circular knitting looms and four pom pom makers.  Note: This kit does not come with yarn.



Bric: Structures

Created by the same company that made Snap Circuits, this kit combines block building with learning basic circuitry.



Gravity Maze

Test your thinking with this fun logic puzzle similar to a marble run.



Physics Laws

The Laws of Physics are always easier to understand when you can see them played out.  Build your own contraptions to test these laws yourself.




Weaving Loom Set

This kit comes with two rectangular looms, two cloud-shaped looms, and the tools to begin weaving.  Note: This kit does not come with yarn.



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