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New Podcast : They Might Be Librarians

New Podcast : They Might Be Librarians

TMBL Podcast Spooky

We’ve started a new podcast called They Might Be Librarians. Check us out on Soundcloud! Our first episode “Spooky” features a ghost story from Plainfield’s past, a look into the new children’s literacy program 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten, and a whole lot of great book recommendations from The Laurens.

Here’s a guide to what’s discussed on this episode.

  1. Intro: David Brinker and Justin LaBauve
    1. Cookbook Book Club 10/23
    2. “Discovering Turkey Run” In the Gallery 10/12
  2. The Laurens: Lauren McPike and Lauren Weddle
    1. “Dry” Neal and Jared Shusterman
    2. “What if It’s Us” Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera
    3. “Kingdom of Ash” Throne of Glass Sara J Mass
    4. “Broken Things” Lauren Alford
    5. “Elevation” Stephen King
    6. “A Spark of Light” Jodi Picoult
    7. “Dead Ringer” M. C. Beaton
    8. “House Next Door” Ann Rivers Siddons
    9. “The Family Plot” Jerry Priest
    10. “Dead of Night” Jonathan Mayberry
    11. Haunted Indiana collection in the Indiana Room
    12. Haunted Home Renovation series Juliet Blackwell
    13. “The Diva Haunts the House” Krista Davis
    14. “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Children
    15. “Through the Woods” Emily Carol
    16. “The End Games” T Michael Martin
  3. Spooky Indiana Stories: Sarah Wright
    1. Haunted Bridge in Avon
    2. 1893 Progress Newspaper. Taylor Reagan. First National Bank.

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