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Pardon Our Dust….

Pardon Our Dust….

Renovations at the Plainfield-Guilford Township Public Library have begun!

Over the past few weeks we have been moving collections, furniture, and equipment to prepare for the latest renovation project. Phase 1 of that project is underway and includes the following areas on the first floor: the Children’s Room, the Lobby Conference Room, the Indiana Room, The Quiet Study Area, and the Study Rooms. These areas are closed to the public for safety reasons. 

Please pardon the dust and noise as we work to enhance and improve the library. Parking may be affected due to material staging and demolition.

Areas affected by Phase 1 of renovation

The Children’s Room will receive new flooring, painting, electrical/data work, and lighting improvements. New child friendly shelves will be installed in the children’s room along with a new service desk, staff workstations, seating, interactives and Imagination Hub. 

The Indiana Room will receive a completely new floor plan to improve and enhance customer experience. Work in this area includes new flooring, painting, electrical/data work, lighting improvements, furniture and a reconfiguring of the space.

The Quiet Study Area will receive new flooring, electrical/data work, and seating. The Study Rooms will receive new flooring and improvements to ventilation. The Lobby Conference Room will receive new flooring.

Even though these areas are temporarily closed to the public, the vast majority of their collections have been temporarily moved to the main area of the library and are fully accessible.

All library programs will continue as listed in our event calendar.

During Phase 1 a small section of shingle roofing along Stafford Road will be replaced.

Future Plans

Phase 1 of the project is expected to be completed by November 1st.

Phase 2 is expected to begin around November 1st and wrap up by the holidays. This phase includes improvements to the main area of the library, Teen Central and staff areas. More information on that phase of the project to come later.

Phase 3 of the project includes HVAC improvements. This phase is expected to begin in August 2024 due to the long lead times on HVAC equipment. 

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