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Picture Books for Little Artists

Picture Books for Little Artists

Just Behave, Pablo Picasso! by Jonah Winter

Pablo Picasso liked to paint whatever he wanted, no matter how weird and wacky it turned out to be! But some people thought that wasn’t right. Why couldn’t he make nice art and behave for once? They called his paintings mean things, like “ugly” and “horrible”. Until the day that Pablo Picasso created art so strange, so unusual that it left everyone speechless!

Vincent Can’t Sleep by Barb Rosenstock

Why can’t Vincent Van Gogh sleep? Because the night is full of beautiful, brilliant colors! The sky is as dark and blue as a sapphire. He wanders and walks and wonders over the velvety purple heath beneath his feet and the glorious gold of the stars overhead. In swirls of color reminiscent of Van Gogh’s famed artistic style, Vincent explores a world bursting with creative beauty while everyone else is fast asleep.

Georgia in Hawaii by Amy Novesky

Georgia O’Keeffe was told to paint a pineapple for an advertising company. But Hawaii was bursting with a thousand other things to paint instead! Bubbling, frothing waterfalls, and the brightly colored feathers of a fishing lure. A rainbow of tropical flowers and lush, green islands.

Will Georgia paint that pineapple after all? Or will she create other paintings that inspire her with the beauty of the natural world she loves so much instead?


Henri’s Scissors by Jeanette Winter

When Henri was a young boy, he drew pictures everywhere! When he grew up, he found himself studying to become a lawyer and he didn’t really like it. So, he moved to Paris, France, where he was surrounded by a supportive community of other artists. Henri began to experiment with other forms of art, especially paper cut outs known as collages. Even though Henri soon grew ill and was confined to his bed with little movement, he continued to create art, filling his room with the bright colors and unusual shapes he had come to love!


A Splash of Red by Jen Bryant

Horace Pippin loved to make art. His favorite thing in the world was creating pictures and watching them come alive on the paper! Even when Horace grew up and enlisted in World War I, he still brought a sketchbook with him, continuing to do the drawings that made him happy. But Horace received an injury to his arm that made it virtually impossible to continue his beloved drawings and paintings.. With perseverance, determination, and an undying passion for art, Horace gradually regained his strength and kept making masterpieces!

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