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Planet Protectors Books and Greta Thunberg

Planet Protectors Books and Greta Thunberg

Planet Protectors Series

Is your child interested in helping the environment? The Planet Protectors series of picture books introduce topics in a breezy, child-friendly voice. Each book has a positive approach to small steps kids can take. They are written at a 2nd-3rd grade level, with additional side notes to provide more information.

Choose to Reuse

In Choose to Reuse,by Lisa Bullard, Tyler is in charge of taking out the trash in his house, but there’s too much of it. He and his mom decide to reuse things more. They find ways like handing down clothes to Tyler’s little cousin and creating a homemade birthday gift for Grandma. When they make reusable cloth napkins, it seems “really fancy” (instructions to make your own napkins are included in the back of the book.) And instead of buying new toys, Tyler trades with his brother. As he says, “Now we both have something new to play with.” Other titles in the series include: Rally for Recycling, Go Easy on Energy, Earth Day Every Day, Look Out for Litter, and Power Up to Fight Pollution.

Book cover: Rally for Recycling by Bullard/Thomas  Book cover: Go Easy On Energy by Bullard/Thomas  Book cover: Earth Day Every Day by Bullard/Thomas  Book cover: Look Out for Litter by Bullard/Thomas  Book cover: Power Up to Fight Pollution by Bullard/Thomas

While We’re Talking about Kids and Environmental Action

Book Cover: Greta Thunberg in the Little People, Big Dreams series

Greta Thunberg is a new book in the Little People, Big Dreams biography series. She is a young Swedish activist drawing attention to climate change. The biography details her plans to push for action on a large scale

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