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R is for Running & Riding! Tot Tuesday

R is for Running & Riding! Tot Tuesday


Tot Tuesdays are every Tuesday at 10:00, geared for two-and-three-year-olds. Three times a month they are lively storytimes, and the other Tuesday of the month, a simple process craft for toddlers and their grownups. Check the activity calendar for details, or to learn about the Wonderful Ones series.

Last time, the story was Clip-Clop by Nichola Smee. It’s a fun, interactive story about a fast-faster-too fast horseback ride. Here’s a Mother Goose lap bounce we did. Let your toddler (not baby) sit on your lap and gently bounce with the rhythm of the words. When you get to ‘off!’ hold the child but slide them dramatically off your lap. Mother, and Father, and Uncle John, went to town, one by one. Mother… fell off! Father… fell off! But Uncle John rode on, and on, and on… Songs, fingerplays, and rhymes like this help your child start to hear the smaller sounds in words, which will help them learn to read later on!

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