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ScanEZ Services at the Library

ScanEZ Services at the Library

The Plainfield-Guilford Township Public Library is pleased to offer new ScanEZ Scan Station. The scanner is located in our Copy Center on the first floor of the Library, near the public computers.

In addition to our copying service, the new scanner offers many new services, open to everyone to use. These new services include:

Translation Service – Translate a scan to one of over 60 supported languages.  Send the converted scan as a PDF or Word File and a subset of languages for MP3 audio file conversion to any of the destinations above.

Scan to Fax – Faxes are transmitted via the internet; no phone lines required. ($.50/page)
Copy Function – Provides users with an easy way to utilize the ScanEZ Station as a copier replacement. ($.10/page for black & white, $.25/page for color)

Editing Capabilities

Resolution – Change the resolution of a scan from a standard resolution to a high quality resolution, or from high quality resolution to standard resolution.
Color Mode –Scan items in Black & White, Grayscale and Photo Color.
Page Arrange Easily reorder pages by dragging and dropping the pages into the desired order
Fit to Page – Resize the scanned item to fit on a standard letter size page.
Actual Size – Maintain the aspects of the originally scanned item.

Horizontal or Vertical Split – Split pages either horizontally or vertically by positioning the division bar at the dividing point.  Keep the split items, or keep the split items and the original scan.

The ScanEZ automatically crops, straightens and orients every scan as it is processed.

Flatbed Scanner – Place a document anywhere on the 11” x 17” flatbed, at any angle and the ScanEZ Station will straighten and fix that document.  Patented book-edge design eliminates blurry or dark imaging in a book’s gutter area.
Sheetfed Scanner – Scan both sides of a document in a single pass, including IDs

Drop by and check it out! We’d love to show you how to use this great technology. Most importantly, ScanEZ is FREE to use (unless you print or fax). If you have questions about this service, please visit our main desk.

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