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Thomas H. Little House
Plainfield, Indiana

The land around the home was owned by the Little family from early on, starting with Alexander Little. His son, Samuel Little, had a nice home and farm as depicted in the sketch from the 1878 Atlas of Hendricks County. When Samuel transferred the property to his son, Thomas H. Little, the original home was razed and the new lovely Queen Anne/Victorian home was built (around 1885).

Thomas Little House, front, April 2018
Thomas Little house, rear, April 2018
Thomas Little House, architectural plans, east elevation
Architectural plan, Thomas Little house, 2nd floor
Thomas Little house, architectural plan, attic
Sketch of Samuel Little's property before the current structure was built, 1878

Thomas H. Little extract from 1885 History of Hendricks County [Evergreen Catalog link]

Little House extract from Facts of Aging Structures in Plainfield [Evergreen Catalog link]

Map of Guilford Township showing Thomas Little's land on to the west of Plainfield's boudaries at the time, From 1878 Atlas of Hendricks Country.
Map of Guilford Township showing Thomas Little's plot on west of Plainfield's town boundaries at the time. From the 1904 Atlas of Hendricks County.
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