Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms and Study Rooms will be available beginning Monday, March 1. Meeting Rooms must be booked 24 hours in advance, and attendance may not exceed the posted 50% occupancy limits. Study Rooms may not be reserved more than 24 hours in advance and may not exceed the posted 50% occupancy limits.

Plan your next meeting at PGTPL!

The self-serve meeting rooms at PGTPL are the perfect place to host your next meeting. From technology to chairs, we have the equipment you need to make sure your event is successful. Before your event takes place, we’ll work with you to determine what you need in the room and help set you up for success! Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, attendance must not exceed the posted 50% occupancy limits.

Meeting Room Policy

PGTPL exists to be the heart of culture, education, and information for the community, which is why we have public meeting rooms. These rooms are designed for your use. The Meeting Room Policy sets guidelines and procedures for using the meeting facilities. If you’re looking to use the facilities, be sure you have read and understand the policy.

Meeting Room FAQs

How do I reserve a room?

Meeting and Study Rooms can be booked by scrolling up on this page and tapping the “Reserve A Room” button. 

What rooms are available?

We’re proud to offer four different meeting spaces:

  • West Meeting Room – Maximum capacity of 46
  • McMillan Meeting Room A – Maximum capacity of 54
  • McMillan meeting Room B – Maximum capacity of 103
  • Lobby Conference Room – Maximum Capacity of 20

*McMillan A & B may be combined for a maximum capacity of 157

What equipment is available?

The library has chairs and tables in all of the meeting rooms. Each meeting room also has a projector, a BluRay/DVD player, and access to wifi. A whiteboard may be available upon request.

Would You Like To Reserve A Room?

We are glad to help! Simply give us a call or send us an email and we will coordinate a room for you.

Call: 317-839-6602