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Welcome! The Plainfield-Guilford Township Public Library is pleased to offer a hold pick-up service to our patrons. We know your time is valuable, and sometimes you are not able to get into the building to pick up your items. PGTPL To Go allows you to set up a time to pick up the holds that are available on your account. Staff will email with a confirmation of your preferred time and items available. When you arrive, park in the designated spot, call the number on the sign, and we will bring the items out to you.

How it works:

  1. Place your items on hold through the Evergreen Catalog, or call us at 317-839-6602 for assistance placing your holds; once on hold, wait until you receive a notification that they are available
  2. Only available holds are eligible for pickup; any other status such as in transit will not be eligible for PGTPL To Go until they become available
  3. PGTPL To Go Services are available each day during library hours. Please allow an hour between submitting your request and your pickup time
  4. Fill out the PGTPL To Go form below so that staff can prepare your items
  5. When you arrive, park in the designated spot and call the number on the sign to let us know you’ve arrived
  6. We’ll come to your vehicle with your items checked out on your account!

Schedule A PGTPL To Go Pick Up Now!

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