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Shifting Gears

Shifting Gears

This was a wild summer in the Children’s Room! Between Summer Reading Club, tons of programs, play area, USDA/School Lunch Truck, and the nice cool air conditioning, there were a lot of reasons to come to the library – and there are so many things to do, people stay a while. That’s just how we like it! At times there were so many people here, all the chairs were full and there were people standing and sitting on the floor.

School has started and the rhythms of the Children’s Room are changing, as always. Early fall is great too! Little kids in the morning, homeschoolers, the after-school crowd, kids working on homework, getting books for reports, or playing their favorite videogames for as long as their adults allow.

Now teachers are calling and stopping by to schedule fall class field trips to the library. A different kind of busy season here. We love those too! Look for more later, with photos.





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