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Social Media Safety for Teens

Social Media Safety for Teens

Creating an account on a new social media platform can be exciting AND scary. It also reminds us that there are many things to consider. After all, we want to have fun and be safe. 

Here are some things to remember:

  1. BE HONEST – Whether posting something about yourself, a friend, or someone you don’t know: Keep it Real. It’s hard enough to weed out the truth about things now-a-days. If you do your part, you’re already a step ahead.
  2. BE AWARE – If you focus on quality and not on quantity, you will be better off. Get to know your followers and friends! Keep yourself safe. Set your accounts to private!
  3. BE CONSIDERATE – It’s easy to be nice. If you wouldn’t want someone to post something bad about you, don’t do it to them. Be considerate! Don’t be a bully! And just have fun!  

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