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Spring Break at the Library

Spring Break at the Library

Are you starting to get a little bored with this Spring Break? There are plenty of fun things to do at the library! Here are some ideas, using current and vintage photos.

Kids and adults crowded around at the Hub, crafting.

Before you go, see if there’s an interesting library program going on when you’ll be there. If you forget, ask a staff member when you get there.

Someone at the train table. Kids playing with Duplos in the play area. Kids at the play kitchen. Happy kid at the tablets.

After that, play at the train table, build with Duplo bricks, make an imaginary meal in the play kitchen, play on the computers or with the two tablets, do puzzles, or play old-school checkers.

Letter fun at the Imagination Hub. 

Try the activities at the Imagination Hub. Right now there are five interesting things to do together. Something new every week!

A grandma reads to grandkids and friends.

Pick a book and cozy up to read it together!

A family picking books in one of the Popular Characters neighborhoods.

Staff member; how about this book? Ooh, staffer with stacks and stacks of books.

Take time to pick out some books and other things to check out and take home. There are movies, STEM Games, board games, audiobooks, music CDs, magazines, and Playaway Views. You might even want to check out a bag to carry them in. ‘Bringing the library home’ will help the rest of your Spring Break be more fun! Ask, if you want help finding something. Staff members are friendly and know where things are. The Library shares collections with more than 100 libraries in Indiana, so if we don’t have something you want, we can probably borrow it for you to pick up here!

Doodle of monster from upSplash.

If you have extra time, ask for a piece of scrap paper and a pencil, then make a nice doodle. Bring it to the desk in the Children’s Room so we can see it.

Before you leave, pick up a Mystery Bag and do some STEM together (or take it home to do.) Ask at the Children’s Room desk for a mysterious paper bag with a STEM related challenge card and the materials needed to complete it. Work together to figure out the answer to the challenge. For example, from binder clips and crafts sticks, a tower or building might emerge! They are available until 3-31 any time the library is open.

LFL on Simmons

Finally, take a peek into the Little Free Library just outside the library on Simmons Street, then find and visit some of the library’s other Little Free Libraries. On  this map, scroll down and zoom in to see the where they are. Finding Little Free Libraries is a good excuse for a nice long walk or bike ride. What’s a Little Free Library? Small boxes where you can take a book and/or leave a book. There are quite a few scattered around Plainfield in handy places; we work with local organizations to add more and keep them fresh and full. All LFL books are free – if you find one you like, it’s yours.

Here are a few scavenger hunt type ideas:

Leonardo Fragonard wearing a paper hat.

See if you can find the giant monkey in the Children’s Room. (Hint – you will see it through glass and wearing a royal crown.) This way, when someone asks what you did on your Spring Break, you can say you searched for a giant monkey named Leonardo Fragonard.

Staff members moving something extremely heavy.

If you see these people, ask them what they are doing in this picture.  🙂

PGTPL logo.

Walk around the Children’s Room and see how many times you can see the library’s book logo.

Montie with a picture book.

See if you can spot the library Director Montie Manning! Clue; He won’t be sitting down looking at a book.

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