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Staff Favorite: Roll With It by Jamie Sumner

Staff Favorite: Roll With It by Jamie Sumner

Looking for a great middle school book about resiliency, friendship and a real look at disability from the main character’s point of view? Then you should check out Roll With It by Jamie Sumner. 

Ellie, our female protagonist, loves to bake and wants to be a professional baker when she grows up. Ellie has cerebral palsy and the book takes an honest look at disability as Ellie experiences it. She also struggles with the overprotectiveness of her single mom and challenges in their relationship. At one point Ellie has to abruptly move with her mom from Nashville to Eufaula, Oklahoma and start at a new school.

In her new town, Ellie has to deal with the feeling of sticking out at school because of her disability and also for living at a trailer park. However, Ellie makes some special, unique friends that give her a sense of belonging. Kirkus called Roll With ItAn honest, emotionally rich take on disability, family, and growing up.” 

Want to learn more? Check out this interview with Jamie Sumner!

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