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Stop Motion Sunday– What a Success!

Stop Motion Sunday– What a Success!

Boom, pow, crack! Expectations were exceeded, technology was tested, and laughs abounded at our first Stop Motion movie-making program!

It was exciting to see how quickly the kids adapted to this technology. They created storyboards to plan their movie plots and promptly got hands on experience utilizing apps like iMotion and Zing StikBot Studio.

So how did they make the action happen? The kids and parents used poseable props like StikBots, Legos, toys and paper cut-outs. Technology included iPods, cell phones and apps to capture images. They learned new terms like “frames per second,” “gridding” and “onion skinning.”

Our favorite part was seeing the creative solutions the kids came up with and their proud smiles as they showed us their creations!


Who enjoyed this program? One set of movie makers used paperclips to suspend props and speech bubbles. They came up with a plot line for a Lego- policeman scene. They had previous experience but learned something new using our bluetooth remote!

One mom made an adorable swimming fish scene using a pre-made backdrop. We think she had as much fun as her kids did! Her boys excitedly built Lego spaceships and steampunk inspired props.

A few lovely ladies used their comedy skills to make a hilarious shark attack video using our paper cut-out ‘speech bubbles.’ Our youngest patron at the program had a blast playing with our dollhouse props. She learned the basics of stop motion from our staff, while her brother and mother patiently honed his movie making skills using a tripod, a background and various characters, such as dinosaurs.

Thank you to all that participated! We were thrilled seeing the concentration and intricate details being put into each video. Every patron that visited said they would love to do this program again! As author Arthur C. Clark said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic” and it was pure movie magic that we witnessed on Sunday!

Please enjoy the videos from our future filmmakers of tomorrow!



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