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Storytelling and Literacy Skills

Storytelling and Literacy Skills

Storytelling for Strong Literacy Skills

Did you know storytelling is a great way to engage literacy skills for children of all ages? Make it into a game by taking turns adding to the tale!

Wordless picture books are perfect for this. One person tells a story about what’s happening on the page. Then pass the book to the next person who turns the page. What happens next in the story?

If you don’t have any wordless picture books at home, you can substitute with a mixed bag of toys or other objects. Take turns drawing an item from the bag (no peeking!). How does the new object change the story?

This gives children the opportunity to hone their communication, social skills, and creative analysis while having fun!

Wordless Picture Books

Little Fox in the Forest by Stephanie Graegin

Journey by Aaron Becker

Spot & Dot by Henry Cole

Sea of Dreams by Dennis Nolan

Resources for Introducing Storytelling to Children

Silly & Sillier by Judy Sierra

The Brain Power Story Hour by Nancy J. Polette

Growing a Reader from Birth by Diana McGuinness

Inclusive Literacy Lessons for Early Childhood by Pam Schiller and Clarissa Willis


Storytelling can be a powerful way to reinforce literacy skills and connect with your child. We hope you try some of these activities!

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