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Storytime at Home: Springtime

Storytime at Home: Springtime

Here are some suggestions for a great storytime you can do at home.

Suggested books to share

Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert

Splish, Spash, Ducky! by Lucy Cousins

Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit by Il Sung Na

Action Rhyme: Here is a green leaf

We use scarves at the library, but you can also use a napkin or piece of tissue paper. You can watch a demonstration of the actions here.

(start by scrunching up the scarf in your hands so it’s completely covered)
Here is a green leaf, and here is a green leaf
(hold out left thumb, then right)
And that you see makes two
(wiggle thumbs)
This is the bud that makes the flower
(hold palms together so scarf shows just slightly)
Now watch it bloom for you
(slowly separate palms)

Fingerplay: This is My Garden

Fingerplays strengthen fine motor skills and dexterity, which are important because children with strong fine motor skills are more able to write with ease!

This is my garden
(Extend palm.)
I rake it with care
(Pretend to rake with three fingers.)
And then I plant many seeds in there
(Pretend to plant.)
The sun will shine
(Hold arms in circle over head.)
And the rain will fall
(Wiggle fingers on both hands as move downwards.)
And my garden will blossom
(Cup hands.)
And grow straight and tall
(Stretch arms/hands up slowly.)

Song: Mary had a Little Lamb

A familiar favorite! Since lambs are often associated with spring, this is a great opportunity to talk about spring animals and point out any you encounter.

Mary had a little lamb,
Little lamb, little lamb,
Mary had a little lamb
Its fleece was white as snow.

Everywhere that Mary went,
Mary went, Mary went,
Everywhere that Mary went,
The lamb was sure to go.

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