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Take Home Storytime Kits Now Available

Take Home Storytime Kits Now Available

New Kits Bring Storytime Home

Would you love to bring your young child to a library storytime, but the timing just never works for you and your family? Are you looking for more ways to engage your toddler or preschooler in fun activities that will support their learning and help them be ready to read?

If so, then our new take-home storytime kits are for you!

Each kit comes with everything you need to replicate a library storytime right in the comfort of your own home: books, songs, educational materials, and toys that will encourage you to read, write, talk, sing, and play with your child. 

Follow the outline for a more structured experience that still allows you to go at your child’s pace and take breaks as needed, or use the materials in whatever way makes the most sense for your family.

The kits also include an information sheet about how the 5 practices – reading, writing, talking, singing, and playing – help develop your child’s pre-literacy skills, as well as specific prompts within each book for how you can make the reading experience more engaging and interactive.

Stop by the library today and check out our new Take-Home Storytime Kits from the J Library of Things in the Children’s Room!

The train-themed take-home storytime kit features three books, a wooden train set, a color-matching activity, a shape identification activity, and a coloring page as well as instructional pages.

The farm-themed take-home storytime kit features five books, a wooden farm playset, egg puzzles, movement cards, and a coloring sheet as well as informational materials.


Written by Carolyn L., Youth Services Library Assistant

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