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Introducing: The Teen Central Gallery

Introducing: The Teen Central Gallery

The display case outside Teen Central is getting a makeover! Starting this year, we will use this space to showcase the creative talents and unique interests of community teens. At the end of one Teen Central arts & crafts program each month, you will have the opportunity to give your handmade object a title and display it in the Teen Central Gallery for your friends, family, and the community to view and admire. If you are unable to attend one of these programs, we’ll post a blog for each project so you can learn how to make your own item at home. You can then bring these items to Teen Central to be displayed!

Additionally, each month we will accept submissions. If you have a painting you’ve been working on for ages, drawings of original characters you’ve created, photographs of the sky, tiny clay sculptures, a hand-knit scarf, or anything else you want to share, send it our way! Note: the content must be appropriate.

Each submission should include: 1) the name of the artist and 2) a title. You can bring your submissions to Teen Central or email them to as a digital file.

Add these February arts & crafts programs to your calendar so you can make something to display in our gallery:

Tuesday, February 8: Tote Bag Painting

Tuesday, February 22: Constellation Embroidery

We will display the final products from the Constellation Embroidery program in the Teen Central Gallery. We hope to see you there!

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