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The Art of Kintsugi Pottery

The Art of Kintsugi Pottery

 Kintsugi pottery is the Japanese art of repairing broken or cracked pottery by using a mixture of sticky lacquer and gold powder. In doing so, the pottery is given new life and, many times, is even more beautiful than it was prior to it breaking. The word “kintsugi” means “gold joinery.” Though it was originally created as a way to continue using the pottery while still being aesthetically pleasing, by the 17th century it had become an art style, with people breaking pottery with the intention of repairing it in the kintsugi fashion.

 To create your own kintsugi pottery, you can use a few different supplies. If you are wanting to create traditional kintsugi, you would want to use tree sap lacquer and powdered gold leaf. However, nowadays materials such as epoxy resin and gold mica powder will create the same effect. Do you want to create the effect without the hassle of breaking and re-joining the pottery? Consider using UV resin to create a faux kintsugi look by simply painting the UV resin on top of the pottery.

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