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Tiny Artists

Tiny Artists

Even the smallest children enjoy creating art! But dealing with the mess isn’t so fun. Here are three ideas for mess-free art projects to try at home!

Tiny Art Projects

First, painting in a bag is a simple project for babies and toddlers! Take a piece of paper–cardstock or watercolor paper is best, but whatever you have will work–and put some dots of paint on the paper. Then slide it into a gallon-size freezer bag and zip it shut. You can tape around the edges to secure the bag to a table or floor. Then allow your child to smear the paint around inside the bag. Let the painting dry completely before taking it out of the bag and displaying it!

Second, try a pointillist approach! Use dot stickers either in one size or several to make an abstract piece of art. Depending on your child’s age, you can use a standard letter size piece of paper, or a larger one that they can add to over time. This is also a great opportunity to point out different kinds of shapes around your house or neighborhood. Circle, Triangle, Elephant by Kenji Oikawa & Mayuko Takeuchi is a nice introduction to shapes for toddlers.

Finally, take a walk and collect some seasonal leaves, flowers, sticks, or other bits of nature. Then tape a piece of contact paper to a window and allow your child to stick the objects you collected to the contact paper. You can place a large sheet of tissue paper or another sheet of contact paper over the objects to seal them and finish a colorful nature suncatcher!


We hope you enjoy some of these ideas for mess-free art projects. Allowing your child to express their creativity helps them interact with the world around them and sparks a joy of learning!


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