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Tots Make Letter Rockets

Tot Letter Rocket Craft

Tots Make Letter Rockets

Tot Letter Rocket Craft 2

Tots and their grownups made a rocket craft featuring the letters in their names. They wrote the letters down, then glued them down into a rocket shape… or something more random. That’s the beauty of process crafts with young children. They are more about the doing and not about how they look when they’re done. Many 2 to 3-year-olds are starting to learn the letters in their names, and most kids think using a glue stick is very fun at this age!

Tot Letter Rocket Craft 3

Tot Tuesday is every Tuesday at 10:00. There’s no advance signup, so come whenever it works for you. Three times a month there’s a fun, active toddler storytime. Once or twice a month (depending on how many Tuesdays are in the month) there’s a simple craft. Check the website to see which kind of program is which Tuesday.

With these two kinds of programs paired, tots get the five practices of early literacy: Read, Write, Sing, Talk, and Play.

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