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Try at Home: Cooking with Kids

Try at Home: Cooking with Kids

Do you have a budding junior chef? Are you interested in cooking with your kid but not quite sure where to start? Want to try some new recipes and techniques? Here are resources and suggestions to help you out!


My Very First CookbookA to Z World Food is a great database to learn more about food from around the world! Check out informational articles and try new recipes.

Online video tutorials are a great way to learn interactively. Check out our virtual programs, such as Springtime Pudding Cups, Boredom Busters, and Edible DNA.

Children’s cookbooks available from PGTPL in the Children’s Room.

Other online resources such as Cooking with Kids and Food Network: Cooking With Kids.



The Complete Cookbook for Young ChefsInvolving kids in the kitchen helps them understand how food is made and prepared, offers an opportunity for family bonding, and encourages practical application of math and science skills.

  • For very young children, ask them to sort something by color or size. For instance, separating red and orange peppers, or lining up green beans by length.
  • Preschoolers can begin some simple cooking tasks, such as pouring pre-measured ingredients, stirring, and basic chopping. Making recipes where they can choose what ingredients to include, such as tacos and personal pizzas, is a great way to allow them some independence.
  • Early elementary age kids can help read a recipe, assemble ingredients, and learn how to make simple snacks independently.
  • Upper elementary age kids can learn how to plan a meal and make a shopping list, and may be interested in learning new skills and techniques.


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