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Holiday Decorations at Home

Holiday Decorations at Home

Make your own ornaments! These are fun and easy crafts to do with your kids at home. We’ll walk you through the supplies and steps needed to make a tree and a reindeer.


. Colored construction paper

. Glue

. Scissors

. Popsicle sticks

Extras for decoration (optional)

. googly eyes

. cotton balls

. star stickers

. pom poms

Directions for Tree

  • First, cut out a triangle shape of your colored construction paper.
  • Then, use 3 popsicle sticks to create the border for the tree and glue them.
  • Next to add color to the border. I cut 3 strips of construction paper into medium sized rectangles and glued them around the border of the tree!
  • Next, cut out a square from the colored construction paper to represent the stump of the tree and glue it down.
  • Lastly, feel free to decorate with whatever craft supplies you have available!

Directions for Reindeer

  • First, cut an upside-down triangle to show the face and nose of a reindeer.
  • Then take 2 popsicle sticks for the border of the reindeer face and glue them down.
  • For the hat that goes on top of the reindeer, I cut out another triangle and used 1 popsicle stick to secure it.
  • Then I glued them together and used cotton balls to create the fluff of the hat before attaching the hat to the reindeer’s face.
  • For the reindeer ears, I drew 2 small antlers on black construction paper and cut them out and then glued the antlers to the reindeer.
  • Lastly, I added eyes and a pom pom nose but you can decorate as needed! Add a string to the back to hang.


Most importantly, have fun and enjoy creating a decoration together!


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