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Try at Home: Leaf Rubbing Collage

Try at Home: Leaf Rubbing Collage

Spring feels like it has fully sprung when trees begin their regrowth of beautiful new leaves. This Try at Home craft can be done any time of the year, all you need are the following materials:

  • Paper
  • Crayons
  • Tape
  • Assortment of leaves

Follow these simple steps to complete your leaf rubbing collage:

  1. Place assorted leaves under the paper.
  2. Tape the paper to the surface you are working on so that it does not shift or move.
  3. Unwrap your crayons. Using the long side of the crayon, begin rubbing across the paper.
  4. Use as many colors as you’d like and watch as your leaves begin to appear.

Example of completed collage:

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