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Try at Home: Painting With Water

Try at Home: Painting With Water

Painting With Water

You can have fun without a lot of time or supplies! Painting with water is an activity that can take as long or as short as you and your child want.

What you need

A small container of water
Something to paint on like a dark piece of paper, cardboard tube, or handy rock
Something to paint with like a cotton swab, paintbrush, pompom, or even your finger.
To paint with water, dip your paintbrush equivalent into the water and paint away. No mess!
Early Literacy: Doing activities like scribbling, painting, and picking up small things helps develop fine motor skills. That helps when it’s time to learn to write.
STEM: Find several different-textured things and draw water squiggles on them. Watch to see how long the water stays visible. Why does water on a rock stay longer than a piece of paper? Where does the water go… and why?
Art: practice painting something like a smile on a rock until it’s the way you like it. Then dry off the rock and paint it again with whatever paint you can find. Let it dry. Paint something else on the other side, like a frowny face. Let that side dry. Give it to a friend or put it in a special place.

Books You Might Like

Water Is Water: A Book About the Water Cycle by Miranda Paul, illustrations by Jason Chin.
This gorgeous book helps young children understand where water comes from, and where it goes. Children splash in puddles, throw snowballs, pick apples to make into cider, and experience the water cycle in real life. A readable explanation is in the back.
If painting with water makes you want to try out other basic science things, you may like Science Experiments at Home: Discover the Science in Everyday Life by Susan Martinau with illustrations by Vicky Barker. This friendly book is full of quick-and-easy explorations with a mirror, drinking glasses, and even a toothbrush!
The Nature Craft Book: Read, Learn, and Create by Claire Beaton includes paired science and projects. For example: watch birds, learn about birds, and make a bird mobile with a clothes hanger. Another fun idea is to learn about owls, then make an owl with a cardboard tube (maybe the same one you painted with water… after it dries!)
Painting with water is a fun and easy way for young children to explore the world around them!

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