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Try at Home: Post Office Stations

Try at Home: Post Office Stations

Do you ever bring your children to the post office? Recreate the wonder and excitement of the post office at home with these activity stations!

Try at Home: Post Office Stations


  1. Construction paper in different colors 
  2. Clear tape
  3. Glue
  4. Scissors
  5. Crayons/Markers
  6. Box or something to put letters in
  7. Play or real money


Station #1: Letter Writing

At this station, set out blank paper, crayons, and markers so children can write letters! You can also include stickers or other decorations.

Even children who are too young to write can color or scribble. These activities build fine motor skills and the ability to recognize shapes and words for children of all ages!

Station #2:  Envelope and Stamp Making

Next, make an envelope! You will need paper and tape for this station. 

  1. Fold a 8.5 × 11 inch piece of  paper over evenly. You should get a rectangle half the size of your original piece.
  2. Use tape to securely close the two open sides of the rectangle, leaving the top open. The top is where you will insert your letter.
  3. Make a small flap by folding down the open edge of the rectangle.
  4. Bend back the flap, and insert your letter, card, or other contents. Fold the flap down again after this is done.

Source: Making an envelope

Once your letter is sealed, put who it is going to on the front and who it is from (optional).

Now that your letter is addressed, it’s time to make a stamp! You will need paper, scissors, and glue for this activity.

  1. Make stamps out of colored paper. You can add designs if you’d like. Cut into small squares. Glue onto top right of envelope.

Station#3: The Post Office

Our letter is ready to send! Let’s go to the post office!

Use these ideas to set up the post office area, and feel free to get creative!

  • Make a sign and create a little area to be the post office. If you have a small table or counter, you can use this for the “worker” to stand behind. 
  • Have the kids take turns dropping the letters off at the post office and delivering them.
  • Have the “worker” at the post office collect money for the stamps you made.
  • Put books about the post office/mail on display for quiet reading time.

You could even sort the mail to make sure it ends up with the right person!


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