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Try at Home STEAM Craft: Binary Coding Valentine’s Hearts

Try at Home STEAM Craft: Binary Coding Valentine’s Hearts

Gather around the crafting table for this Valentine-inspired STEAM craft! Learn about binary codes to write a short message that you can gift to a loved one. This STEAM powered activity promotes early literacy through the use of fine motor skills, counting/number recognition, color sorting, and pattern matching. 

You’ll Need:

  • Chenille Sticks (or string)
  • Pony Beads
  • Binary Alphabet (Provided Below)


Organize your materials on a flat surface. (We recommend separating the colors of beads to make the process easier) Choose which color beads to use for the number 1 and number 0. You will use the third color bead as a spacer to separate your letters.

Before placing the beads on your chenille stick, use the binary code page provided below to spell out your message based on the colors you chose. We recommend keeping the message short so that everything will fit. Here are some examples to use for a special Valentine’s message: LOVE, ILY, XOXO, BFFS

String your beads onto the chenille stick with the message. 

Fasten the ends of the chenille sticks together and bend to shape like a heart. All done!


Binary Alphabet Codes:

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STEAM activities can be adapted to fit in some fun, hands-on learning any time of year! Are you or your child interested in reading more about computer coding? Check out these books from our Evergreen Catalog or visit the Plainfield-Guilford Township Public Library to get great recommendations from our staff. Happy reading!

Coding Books:

Coding by Jennifer Szymanski

Coding Languages by Echo Elise Gonzalez

How Coding Works by Ben Hubbard

Coding to Create and Communicate by Heather Lyons

Coding for Kids by Dr. Camille McCue


Written by Ryan F., Youth Services Library Assistant


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