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Upcoming Renovations Winter/Spring 2020

Upcoming Renovations Winter/Spring 2020

We have some exciting changes coming this year! Starting in February 2020, we will be completing some renovation projects inside the library. Construction will start upstairs and then move downstairs when finished. Disruption will be minimal, and we intend to keep the library open during construction. The second floor, however, will be closed during February, March, and April due to construction and Arts Gala preparation.

As with any construction project, we don’t have a concrete timeline to share, but we will keep you posted with updates!

Construction Projects:

First Floor

UPDATING THE EXISTING RESTROOMS in the western part of the library

ADDING TWO NEW RESTROOMS in the eastern part of the library near Teen Central

CLOSING OFF THE QUIET STUDY AREA to offer a more traditional library experience


MOVING THE CIRCULATION DESK back to better attend the computers and copy center

REPLACING THE SELF-CHECK KIOSKS with new, updated models

Second Floor

UPDATING THE GALLERY to include new flooring, a new art display system, and new lighting

UPDATING THE MEETING ROOMS to include new flooring, new digital signage, and new projector screens


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