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Virtual Storytime: Bear Hunt

Virtual Storytime: Bear Hunt

Get ready for adventure in our virtual storytime as you overcome obstacles and search for a bear, then try one or two of the activities below to extend the fun.

Watch and listen as author Michael Rosen reads his book We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, provided by Walker Books.  If you have the book at home, read along!

After listening to the story, try one (or more!) of these activities:

  • ACT it out! Go through the motions of a bear hunt in your house or yard. Don’t forget to end up where you started!
  • MAKE a bear mask. Use a paper plate or construction paper to make a bear mask.
  • FIND objects around your house that make the sounds from the story. What makes a “splash splosh” sound? How about “squelch squelch?”
  • DRAW a map of the bear hunt. Where will you begin? What obstacles will you meet on the way to the bear’s cave?
  • HUNT for bears.  Some neighborhoods in Plainfield have placed bears in their windows so that children can look for them as they take walks.  Don’t forget to practice social distancing!
  • READ other stories about bears. Check some out on one of our apps, available here.


We’d love to see pictures of your experience with this virtual storytime; share them with us on our Facebook page!

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