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What should I read next? May We Suggest…

What should I read next? May We Suggest…

“What should I read next?” you ask. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

Check our new service: May We Suggest  Next to each staff picture is a brief description of what we’re

May We Suggest Kileyreading or watching or listening to as well as some of our hobbies and interests. If one (or more!) of our descriptions interest you, shoot us an email! We would love to show how to navigate our many collections and suggest some specific items you might like too.

Each of us, no matter where in the Library we work, has favorite books, movies, albums, and other interests that we’d love to share with you and help you find your next great book to read, TV show to binge-watch or music album to get lost in. There’s truly something here for everyone!

There’s something here for everyone

We have tens of thousands of items here at the Library, millions more from our Evergreen Indiana consortium partners, and don’t even try counting up all the digital titles available in Hoopla, Kanopy, Overdrive, and Freegal.  Furthermore, you can also research your family history, generate sales leads for your small business, turn your inherited collection of antique armoires into cash, or see repair guides for your sweet ’57 Corvette all by using Library databases. Finally, this list really only scratches the surface of our local history databases, business research databases and Do-it-Yourself guides! Finding exactly what you need only seems daunting.

“What should I read next?” you ask. Let us help you!

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