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Wingspan review

Wingspan review

At our last Open Game Night, we played Wingspan, the Connoisseur-level Game of the Year (Kennerspeil des Jahre) surprise hit from 2019.  Wingspan is an “engine-building” or Euro-style game wherein players work towards goals (some goals are common to all players and some are private to one player only) by collecting birds, gathering food, laying eggs and filling the three habitat zones.   

Wingspan – like so many games from Stonemaier – has fantastic table presence. The egg resources are lovely, and the bird-house/dice tower is a fun addition. The artwork on the cards – drawn by Natalia Rojas, Ana Maria Martinez Jaramillo, and Beth Sobel – is also beautiful.  You’ll spend a good amount of time simply admiring the cards are they’re revealed over the course of the game. As you fill out your habitats with birds, you’ll gain additional actions to take, which if played thoughtfully, will combine into a powerful means to fulfill your goals and gain valuable victory points. Even if you don’t come out on top, I think you’ll like the game play!

Wingspan is designed by Elizabeth Hargrave and published by Stonemaier Games

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