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YA Books about Video Games

YA Books about Video Games

Dig deeper into the canon of your favorite video games and learn how to make your own game with these titles from Teen Central’s collection! You can place a hold on the books by clicking on the links to the Evergreen Catalog.

YA Fiction

First, this book features three stories from different parts of the Five Nights at Freddy’s lore. The first story involves a time-travelling ball pit, the second involves a robot who slowly makes a girl prettier, and the third story involves a girl who finds herself trapped in Freddy’s body.
Fans of the video game series or readers who loved Goosebumps will find plenty of frights in this collection. And it’s the first in a series, so be sure to check out the other books as they’re published!
Second, after a car crash, Bianca attempts to cope with the accident and her stay in the hospital by playing a virtual-reality version of Minecraft. She soon teams up with other teens also playing on the hospital server. As they face their fears in the game, Bianca attempts to find out what happened to her friend who was in the car crash with her.
Set in the universe of Bendy and the Ink Machine, this story follows a pizza delivery boy named Buddy. He works to support his family, but more than anything he wants to be an artist. His life changes when he meets Mister Joey Drew, the head of an animation studio, who takes Buddy as an apprentice. Everything seems great…except for the mystery of what is creating trails of black ink at night. Teaming up with a writing intern, Buddy sets out to discover the solution to the mystery at the Studios.
This book follows four high school students who live on the planet Meridian. When the Covenant attacks the planet, they find themselves locked out of the town shelter. They have to find a way to survive an alien assault with few weapons and the help of an injured Spartan.


Finally, follow the steps listed to make a tower defense game and learn how to use Python, a coding language used for video game development. The illustrations and hands-on activities will help you create your own game!

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