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August 2022 Silent Auction

August 2022 Silent Auction

August is here, kids are returning to school, and temperatures are still higher than some of us like!  This may be a good time to see what’s new in the Friends of the Plainfield Library (FOL) Silent Auction. One of the highlights of the auction is not a book but a brand new, still sealed, 1000-piece puzzle, Downton Abbey, with the Violet and Cora image.

The auction has a variety of books to satisfy your interests while waiting for fall festivals and cooler temperatures.  The first collection of the classic comic strip Calvin and Hobbs published in 1987 is available.  Great Discoveries and Inventions That Have Changed the World: From the End of the 19th Century to the Present includes discoveries you might expect such as the internet and penicillin, but also some everyday items we take for granted like zippers, credit cards, and ballpoint pens.  The Renaissance: 1401–1610: The Splendor of European Art features pictures and information on 600 works from Michelangelo, da Vinci, Donatello, and many others.

Stop by the lobby case at the library to see these items and more.  Bids can be recorded in the notebook on the lobby kiosk with all proceeds going to fund library programs.  The FOL thanks you for your support!




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