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Booklist: All Kinds of Families

Booklist: All Kinds of Families

It’s no secret that families come in all shapes and sizes. Some are big, some are small, some live together, some live apart… The list of differences is endless!

Learning about different kinds of families can help children understand that there is no one type of family. Every book in this list addresses different types of families. Descriptions come from Evergreen.

Picture Books

One Family by George Shannon

A family can be many things, in this story that introduces numbered groups from one to ten.

My Two Homes by Claudia Harrington

This book explains to children that sometimes parents separate, and that while this might be hard to get used to, it doesn’t change the fact that their parents still love them.

For more on Claudia Harrington’s My Two… series, click here.

Cat, Dog, Dog: The Story of a Blended Family by Nelly Buchet

A story of a blended family– from the pets’ point of view!

Auntie Loves Me by Laura Gates Galvin

Aunties like to play games, go on adventures, share treats, and so much more! Perfect for nieces and nephews, this fun rhyming story is all about Auntie’s love.

The Day of Your Arrival by Dolores Brown

An adoption story told from the point of view of two parents about the love they have for their adopted child.

We Sang You Home by Richard Van Camp and Julie Flett

This book celebrates the bond between parent and child, and captures the wonder new parents feel as they welcome their new baby.

And Tango Makes Three by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell

At New York City’s Central Park Zoo, two male penguins fall in love and start a family by taking turns sitting on an abandoned egg until it hatches.

My Rainbow by DeShanna Neal

A dedicated mom puts love into action as she creates the perfect rainbow-colored wig for her transgender daughter, based on the real-life experience of mother-daughter advocate duo Trinity and DeShanna Neal.

Non-fiction Books

You Are Loved: A Book about Families by Sofia Sanchez and Margaret O’Hair

From Down syndrome advocate and viral sensation Sofia Sanchez comes this beautiful and inclusive picture book about all the different ways to make a family.

Autism and Me: Sibling Stories by Ouisie Shapiro

Children tell their stories of what it is like to live with a sibling who has autism.


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