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Bullet Journaling 101

Bullet Journaling 101

Planners and schedule books are a great way to keep track of important dates and events.  

However, they have their limitations and primarily consist of monthly calendars, weekly schedules, and address books.  For people who want to keep track of additional items or create a more customized planner, a bullet journal might be the best option.

Bullet journaling was created as a way to be more focused and productive.  The inventor, Ryder Carroll, created a specific method that focused on a use of bullet points to highlight important information.  Over the last decade, this system has evolved into a widely creative way to create planners that are fully customizable and made specifically for their owners.

In addition to placing the standard calendars, the following are also fun options:


  • Track items such as habits, books, moods, savings, and weight loss.


  • Schedules can include weekly or daily plans, to-do lists, or even meal plans.


  • Keep information such as language learning, study guides, book reviews, and more within reach.


Additional Resources

Using #bulletjournal on Instagram or Tiktok, searching for bullet journal groups on Facebook, and utilizing Pinterest are all great resources for finding bullet journal ideas and layouts.  Visit the official Bullet Journal website for more information on the history of bullet journaling.

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