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Developing Fine Motor Skills

Developing Fine Motor Skills

From eating to writing, fine motor skills are important for all growing hands. Here are some activities to help your little one strengthen their hands, and have a ton of fun at the same time!

Stacking Blocks

How high can you go? Building with blocks helps with the fine motor skills of pinching and grasping, as well as the gross motor skills of arm and hand movement. Stacking blocks is also great for helping your child explore the world of math and imagination.

Drawing with Crayons

From scribbling to doodling, kids love to draw! Doesn’t matter if it’s pencils, crayons, or markers! Every time your child draws, they are building the muscles in their hands needed for writing.

Stringing Beads

Stringing beads of all shapes and sizes are great for developing the muscles in little hands and fingers. Plus it’s developing hand-eye coordination! And don’t worry if you don’t have any beads at home: stringing cereal o’s is just as effective–and a fun snack, too!


Smashing, rolling, and squeezing playdough helps increase hand and finger strength as well as giving your child a creative outlet. For an added fine motor activity, push golf-tees, toothpicks, or noodles into the dough.

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