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New Children’s Fantasy Books

New Children’s Fantasy Books

Discover the newest fantasy chapter books and graphic novels, perfect for getting lost in magical worlds and epic adventures. Reading fantasy can spark your imagination and provide a much-needed escape from everyday life!

Chapter Books

A Game of Noctis by Deva Fagan

“A thrilling middle grade fantasy about a girl who must participate in a deadly game with a ragtag team of players to save her grandfather from a terrible fate. In the opulent, sinking city of Dantessa, the Great Game rules all. Pia Paro believes that so long as you follow the rules, you always have a chance at winning. But after her beloved Gramps is sentenced to a life of servitude, Pia accepts a dangerous offer and joins a team of players seeking to win the most perilous game of all: Noctis. The Seafoxes–Pia’s new teammates–are unlike anyone she’s ever met. Each has their own reason for playing, and soon, Pia begins to question all her long-held beliefs. Maybe the rules Pia once trusted to lift her up have only been keeping her–and thousands of others like her–down. As she struggles with these revelations, Pia must survive a gauntlet of clockwork soldiers, perilous underwater adventures, and even a game against Death herself. But with Pia’s grandfather’s life at stake, Pia must finally decide whether she’s brave enough to not just break the rules, but to change the very nature of the Game.”

Source: Simon & Shuster

The Wishkeeper’s Apprentice by Rachel Chivers Khoo

“When ten-year-old Felix drops a penny in the wishing fountain at the center of town, he really doesn’t expect his sixteen-year-old sister to suddenly like him again, or to offer to share a cinnamon bun or watch cartoons like they used to. But someone else is at the fountain too: a strange old man with a fishing pole who claims to be invisible. To Felix’s amazement, he learns that the old man is a Wishkeeper, and he needs an apprentice! But being a Wishkeeper’s apprentice isn’t just about organizing incoming wishes and untangling wish snags: a strange wolf-man who’s been haunting Felix’s dreams is real and a threat to every wish that has ever been granted in the town of Whittlestone, the town’s Wishkeeper, and Felix himself.”

Source: Candlewick Press

In Search of Superpowers : A Fantasy Pin World Adventure by Briana Lawrence

“Four preteens receive mysterious enamel pins that grant them superpowers. Together, they must put aside their differences and embark on an epic journey to find the mysterious pinmaker, discover the truth behind the new theme park, and of course, trade pins–all while learning how to navigate their new superhuman skills. This is an all-new illustrated adventure series that’s about magic, friendship, queer identity, collecting, and tons of fun!”

Source: Simon & Shuster

The Kingdom Over the Sea by Zohra Nabi

“A lavish middle grade adventure following a girl who must travel to a mystical land of sorceresses, alchemists, jinn, and flying carpets to discover her heritage and fulfill her destiny. When twelve-year-old Yara’s mother passes away, she leaves behind a letter and a strange set of instructions. Yara must travel from the home she has always known to a place that is not on any map—Zehaira, a world of sorcerers, alchemists, and simmering magic. But Zehaira is not the land it used to be. The practice of magic has been outlawed, the Sultan’s alchemists are plotting a sinister scheme—and the answers Yara is searching for seem to be out of reach. Yara must summon all her courage to discover the truth about her mother’s past and her own identity…and to find her place in this magical new world.”

Source: Simon & Shuster

Graphic Novels

Kingdom Riders by Shannon Eric Denton

“Race through an exciting and dangerous fantasy world on the back of a toad in this wildly original combination of Hunger Games and Amulet. Kayla is a peasant who cares little about the world outside her town or the wildly popular Kingdom Races. That is, until her best friend, Mal, finds herself in trouble and Kayla must enter as a rider to save her. But the prize for winning this series of races is more than Kayla could ever imagine. With control of the entire kingdom at stake, Kayla finds herself thrust into political intrigue and lurking danger.”

Source: Bluebird & Co.

Hansel & Gretel by Neil Gaiman

“Two abandoned children come upon a gingerbread cottage inhabited by a cruel witch who wants to eat them.”

Source: Toon Graphics

The Happy Shop by Brittany Long Olsen

“Eleven-year-old Darcy just moved to a new country. She’s feeling lost and misses her friends back home. That’s when she stumbles upon a shop full of mysterious glowing jars labeled with things like “Picking up the last sweater on the rack and it’s on sale” and “Having the perfect weather on your wedding day.” Much to Darcy’s surprise-this store sells happy feelings. After Darcy accidentally breaks one of the irreplaceable jars, she must make it up to the shopkeepers, Frida and Flora, by doing chores around the store, and is soon tasked with collecting happy feelings. But she learns that the magical business is anything but magical. With fewer customers than ever, Frida and Flora might have to close their doors. Can Darcy think of an idea to save the Happy Shop? What if they sold more than just happy feelings?”

Source: Simon & Shuster

Magic Tree House: Afternoon on the Amazon by Mary Pope Osborne and Jenny Laird

“Get ready for a wild ride as Jack and Annie find themselves in the Amazon Rainforest on a dangerous journey. From killer ants to vampire bats, they never know what they’ll run into next! Soon, they’re hopelessly lost (and a monkey seems to be stalking them. . . what’s that about?). Can they find their way through the jungle before it gets dark? For the first time, experience this gripping adventure as a graphic novel, bursting with vibrant full-color art that brings the magic to life!”

Source: Penguin Random House


Written by Madelyn K., Youth Services Librarian

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