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Reading Challenges for the Adventurous Reader

Reading Challenges for the Adventurous Reader

Looking to challenge yourself and maybe find a new way to dive into reading this summer. Here are a few challenges to help you get started.


  1. Read from a genre that you haven’t tried before.
  1. Discuss your favorite book with friends.Flat graphic of a sign saying Let's go Adventure
  1. Read a book from your parent’s youth.
  1. Read a book that was made into a popular movie or show.
  1. Try a book that received bad reviews.
  1. Try a book in a language other than English.
  1. Read a book to a younger sibling or schoolmate.
  1. Read a story from one hundred years ago.
  1. Read your friend’s favorite book.
  1. Read in a place you’ve never tried before.
  1. Watch a movie or show based on one of your favorite books or series.
  1. Try a project from a DIY or craft book.


-Written by Alex, Teen Central Library Assistant

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