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Restore Your Photographs with Vivid Pix

Restore Your Photographs with Vivid Pix

Current digital photography is amazing, but what is the best solution when you have a vintage photo you wish to restore? Do you have grainy photos on your cell phone you would like to sharpen up? Vivid Pix Restore offers multiple editing tools to clean up your photos. 

Our Scan/Fax Station includes FREE access to Vivid Pix Restore, a quick and simple way to restore old (and new) photographs. 

We can help you alter a cherished family photograph adding life and vibrance back into it. Christmas is just  around the corner and a favorite photo may be the perfect gift for a loved one!

Vivid Pix Restore offers the following features on our copier machine:

  • Improve faded prints
  • Automatic 9 image choice for an easy start 
  • Easy sliders for manual adjustments
  • Cropping and tilt adjustment
  • Adjust contrast and brightness
  • Bump up or down vividness, as well as red, green and blue hues
  • Sharpness enhancement
  • View corrections side by side (original vs. edited photo)
  • Improve cell phone, tablet, digital camera images (bring in your USB drive and we can help you edit photos!)

We have found even a few minor adjustments to a photo can make a big impact. For example, you can choose grayscale or sepia to give a color photo a timeless feel.

Choose “high quality” or “photo” image scanning options prior to using the Vivid Pix Restore editing tools. You can scan images and save as a JPG, TIFF, PDF, Word, PNG, or SPDF files.

Once Vivid Pix Restore editor opens up you can further alter your image’s sharpness, color tones, brightness, and contrast. These features are very similar to other popular photo editors on the market, such as Photoshop Express or Lightroom.

If you feel hesitant about using this technology on your own, never fear, our helpful technology team can give you a lesson on using this feature at our Scan/Fax Station.  Click on this link! You can schedule a Book a Librarian appointment several ways. 

Here are a few examples of photos we have altered.

Changed from sepia to black and white, adjusted contrast:

Added contrast, adjusted brightness, and sharpened image:

Chose one of the 9 automatic color choices, reduced yellow tones, and sharpened image:












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