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School’s Starting

School’s Starting

School is starting already! With that in mind, try reading a couple of our books focused on returning back to the classroom!

The Cool Bean by Jory John

A story about how kindness is really the coolest thing in the world, The Cool Bean follows a young bean who is trying to gain friends and popularity by acting “cool.” Fans of other Jory John books (like The Bad Seed or The Couch Potato) will definitely like this book.

King of Kindergarten by Derrick Barnes

The King of Kindergarten is all about having a good time in school. The story follows a young boy on his first day of kindergarten, about to face the world with a smile and the confidence of a king!

Monsters Love School by Mike Austin

Another story about starting school, Monsters Love School takes a silly spin on the back to school season. Join the monsters as they learn what school is like (to include the experience of lunch time’s School Gruel)!

How to Read a Book by Kwame Alexander

Written in verse, How to Read a Book is all about the journey that comes with reading a book, from finding a quiet spot to sit all the way to dreaming about the story later on.

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