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Staff Favorites: Animal Non-fiction

Staff Favorites: Animal Non-fiction

In the past few years, we have noticed a trend of informational picture books about animals. We love the mixture of creative storytelling, beautiful artwork, and lots of facts about all kinds of creatures, large and small! Here are a few of our favorites that we hope you enjoy.

Non-fiction Picture Books about Animals

An Egg is Quiet by Dianna Hutts Aston and Sylvia Long

With gentle text and beautifully detailed illustrations, An Egg is Quiet introduces children to different kinds of eggs and the animals and creatures that lay them. This is one to read over and over again, finding something new each time.

Frog Song by Brenda Guiberson and Gennady Spirin

A perfect book to read aloud! Frog Song shows frogs from all around the world and the different songs they sing. The rich, dreamy illustrations add another layer of magic to the straightforward text. This book also includes quick facts about all of the frogs featured and places to learn more about these fascinating creatures.

Neighborhood Sharks by Katherine Roy

With a mixture of gripping narrative and illustrations, and detailed infographics, Neighborhood Sharks provides an amazing story that leaps off the page. This is a great picture book for the newly independent readers out there.

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But wait! There are even more informational picture books about all kinds of animals. Here are a few you might want to explore.

Heartbeat by Doe Boyle and Daniel Long

Just One Bite by Lola Schaefer and Geoff Waring

The Big Book of the Blue by Yuval Zommer


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