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Stay Cool and Read a Book

Stay Cool and Read a Book

It’s hot outside! So stay in where it’s cool and read a book. July has a whole bunch of new books coming out that we are very excited about.

Calling All Dog Lovers!

David Rosenfelt’s latest Andy Carpenter mystery Bark of Night hits the shelves on July 16. The dog-loving defense attorney is enraged when his veterinarian friend tells him that someone dropped off a perfectly healthy French bulldog and paid for it to be euthanized. Andy immediately takes the dog home and later discovers that the dog’s former owner has been murdered. And the person who dropped the dog off? Almost certainly the killer!

If you like mysteries, and especially if you like dogs, this is a book to check out!

New Author Alert!

Allison M. Dickson is making her author debut with The Other Mrs. Miller, and this book has already gotten a lot of buzz! Phoebe Miller is a bored and unhappy heiress who spends most of her time arguing with her husband until a new family moves in across the street. The new family seems picture-perfect and they immediately want to make friends with Phoebe. But something seems off. And Phoebe can’t quite shake the feeling that she’s being constantly watched…

This thriller is perfect for fans of Paula Hawkins, Alfred Hitchcock, and anyone who enjoyed The Couple Next Door or The Last Mrs. Parrish. It’s also reportedly been optioned for a movie!

Another Master Work!

Colson Whitehead follows up his Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award-winning novel The Underground Railroad with a new novel set in a vicious reform school in Jim Crow-era Florida. The Nickel Boys follows the story of Elwood Curtis, a studious African-American young man, who is sent to Nickel Academy for being an unwitting passenger in a stolen car. Elwood must figure out how to survive this terrifying reform school where they are starved, abused, and used by the sadistic and corrupt officials. Whitehead’s latest is inspired by the disclosure of real-life Florida reform school Dozier School for Boys, which makes this book all the more harrowing and visceral. The realism in this book may be too much for sensitive readers, but anyone who does read it will find a compelling story with a character we can heartily root for in Elwood.


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