Summer Reading Club Looks a Bit Different This Year


Like so much else, Summer Reading Club will look a bit different this year due to the ongoing pandemic. Read about our Summer Reading changes here.

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Note: Paper reading logs can be turned in at the Information Desk or mailed back to the library by July 11.

What is different about the Summer Reading Club at PGTPL this year?
SRC 2020 is 100% online. You don’t need to register this year, but you can record your reading and online program attendance progress at If you don’t have internet access, use a paper log and return it to PGTPL by mail, drop box, or courier pigeon by Saturday, July 11! If you record your reading online, you don’t need to use a paper log.

When is Summer Reading Club at PGTPL?
SRC begins on Tuesday, May 26, and runs through Saturday, July 18. There are no in-person completion parties this year. However, you can celebrate the end of SRC by watching magician Daniel Lusk perform via his Facebook Event on July 18. The show will be available online for five days.

What counts as reading?
Magazines, newspapers, eBooks, eAudio, physical books, blogs, fanfiction, ancient scrolls, and more! Babies looking at books also counts. Anything read to you or by you, whether you own the materials or borrow them, counts as reading to us!

How do I get an SRC t-shirt?
Shirts are only available to children birth to fifth grade. Instead of awarding at completion, we’ll have a weekly raffle for t-shirts from those included in our digital raffle.
When do you draw the raffle prize winners, and how do I receive my prize?
Raffle winners will be drawn on Sunday, July 19. Winners will be contacted by phone on Monday, July 20. We will have a signature form available for in-person curbside pickup, or you’ll receieve an email confirmation for e-gift cards.

We are open at 50% occupancy. Check our Facebook page for our current hours of operation! Access our digital collections here. As always, if you have questions, send us an email!