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Summer Reading Kick-Off Party on Tuesday, May 30th from 5-7

Join us at the Library for a fun evening of activities and games.

Download and print your reading logs! Logs are also available at each service desk.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I participate in the Summer Reading Club?

Early Literacy (babies-pre-reader): Track your time reading, writing, singing, talking, and playing and earn a raffle ticket for every 5 activities completed. Earn 2 additional tickets at completion!

Child (independent reader-5th grade): Track your reading and earn a raffle ticket for every hour spent reading. 

Teen (Grades 6-12): Track your time reading and earn raffle tickets and prizes. Teens complete SRC when they read 20 hours.

Adult (18+): Track your reading by time and earn a raffle ticket for every 5 hours spent reading this summer. Adults can track a maximum of 50 hours.

When can I register?

You can register for SRC beginning Monday, May 1, 2023. Begin tracking your reading on Tuesday, May 30! 

When is the Summer Reading Club?

SRC begins on Tuesday, May 30, and runs through Friday, July 14.

When is the Summer Reading Club Kick Off Party?

The SRC Kick Off Party will be Tuesday, May 30 from 5-7p at the library! We will have Prize Patrol registration, games, and other fun activities!

What is Prize Patrol, and how do I enter? 

Prize Patrol offers a chance to win a weekly prize delivered to your front door! Register at the SRC Kick Off Party on Tuesday, May 30 and receive a PGTPL Summer Reading Sign to display in your yard or window. 

What counts as reading?

Magazines, newspapers, eBooks, eAudio, physical books, fanfiction, and more! Anything read to you or by you, whether you own the materials or borrow them, counts as reading to us! 

If you’re reading for tutoring and summer school, log that time. Babies flipping through books also counts. Do you have a child who reads aloud to younger siblings? That counts as reading for both kids!

What counts towards the Early Literacy Reading Log? 

All early literacy activities count: read, write, sing, talk, play! Babies and toddlers may not be reading, talking, or writing, but a lot of activities count towards our SRC Reading Logs!

Read: read aloud to your child and also count time they spend interacting with and looking at books.

Write: Any fine motor hand skills count! Babies can grasp toys, toddlers can scribble, or kids can practice coloring or writing and it all helps build pre-writing skills. If it requires reaching, pinching, grabbing, or any fine motor skills, it counts as writing.

Sing: Sing with your child! Singing is a great way to bond and learn new words and tunes together.

Talk: Not all children in this age group are talking yet. Count time spent talking to your child. Babbling and other pre-talking noises count towards this activity as well.

Play: Play helps build so many skills for young kids! Any play time counts towards this goal.

How do I track my reading? 

All age ranges use our 2023 SRC Reading Log. Pick one up at the library or print them here:

Early Literacy (babies-pre-reader) (available May 30)

Child (independent reader-5th grade) (available May 30)

Teen (Grades 6-12) (available May 30)

Adult (18+) (available May 30)

How do I enter the raffles? 

Each SRC participant earns raffle tickets based on their time spent reading. Reading logs for each age group will state how often participants earn raffle tickets. SRC participants will also earn a raffle ticket for each library program attended from May 30-July 14. 

Each SRC participant is eligible to enter the raffle prizes for age group:

Early Literacy and Children’s raffle prize bins are in the Children’s Room. 

Teen’s raffle prize bins are in Teen Central.

Adult raffle prize bins are in the main area of the library. 

How do I know I’m done with SRC? 

Early Literacy (baby-pre-reader): Complete SRC after participating in 40 different early literacy activities: read, write, sing, talk play

Children (independent reader-5th grade): Complete SRC after reading for 10 hours

Teen (6th-12th grade): Complete SRC after reading for 20 hours

Adult (18+): Complete SRC after reading for 50 hours

What do I earn for completing SRC? 

Early Literacy (baby-pre-reader): 2 raffle tickets and a FREE book and admittance to the Children’s SRC Completion Party

Children (independent readers-5th grade): a FREE book and admittance to the Children’s SRC Completion Party

Teen (6th-12th grade): a FREE book and an invitation to the After-Hours Teen SRC Completion Party

Adults (18+): enter a grand raffle for a special gift card

When are the SRC Completion Parties?

The Children’s SRC Completion Party is for children of all ages and their caregivers and will be on Saturday, July 15, 2023 during library hours. Find out more on our PGPTL Events Calendar.

The Teen SRC Completion Party is Friday, July 14, 2023 after library hours. Find out more on our PGPTL Events Calendar. This event is for teens in grades 6-12 only, no younger or older siblings or adults are welcome.

I finished SRC early! Can I complete a second reading log? 

Congratulations on finishing! We are limiting SRC participation to one reading log this summer. 

What happens if I don’t complete SRC? 

Good job reading this summer! We allow SRC participants to earn raffle tickets for partially completed reading logs. Please bring in your reading log on or before Friday, July 14 to redeem the prizes and raffle tickets you’re eligible to earn. 

What are some of the raffle prizes? 

Anyone who enters raffle prizes has the chance to win: 

Early Literacy: Gift cards for local businesses, experience packages, and more! 

Children: Gift cards for local businesses, experience packages, and more! 

Teen: Gift cards for games, candy, books, and more!

Adults: Gift cards for gas, grocery, and more!

When do you draw the raffle prize winners, and how do I know if I won?

All winners will be drawn the week of Monday, July 17, after Summer Reading Club ends. Winners will be contacted by email or phone to pick up their prize at the library. 

If I am a raffle prize winner, when do I pick up my prize? 

You can pick up your prize any time the library is open. Raffle prizes must be claimed by Thursday, August 31, 2023.

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