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Winter Writing Prompts

Winter Writing Prompts

With winter fast approaching, it can be difficult to find things to do for fun. Here are some winter themed writing prompts to give you ideas that can spark your creativity. Your writing can be as short as a sentence, or as long as you can write.


Fiction Prompts 

1.)    Imagine your perfect winter break. Are you staying at home or going somewhere special? Write about who you want to spend your time off school with. Think about whether you will spend time with just your family or if there are some friends you want to spend time with.

2.)    You and your best friend are building a snow fort. Something happens that traps you in the fort. What do you do to get out or stay alive until the rescue crew comes?

3.)    Consider writing about a location that is cold all year long. How do people adapt to their climate? What do they eat? Consider worldbuilding and creating characters that fit in your location.


Non-Fiction Prompts

4.)    Write a review of your favorite film to watch or book to read during the end of the year. What about the work makes it a good work for the winter season? Would you recommend it or not?

5.)    What are your goals for 2022? Plan out steps to accomplish your number one goal for next year. Goals work best when you break them into smaller goals that logically lead to your final goal.


Library Writing Resources

Here are two writing books you can find on the Nonfiction shelf in Teen Central.

Brave the Page: A Young Writer’s Guide to Telling Epic Stories

National Novel Writing Month takes place every November. The book helps you learn how to write long fiction, but can be useful helping you understand the writing process for any fiction. It includes pep talks from famed YA authors to encourage you to keep writing.

Grammar Girl Presents: The Ultimate Writing Guide for Students

Grammar Girl’s writing guide is a helpful resource to perfect your grammar. You will learn the building blocks of writing that will make your stories more readable in standard English.