Wireless Access

We have a wireless network available to the public so that people with mobile devices can connect to the Internet. Please be aware that this is a “hot-spot”–there is no security in place. Just as you can pick up a radio signal on any radio, someone who is “sniffing” the wireless signals here can pick up anything being transmitted. While this is unlikely to be happening, the library’s public wireless network is not the place to do your online banking. We do have filters in place to prevent a computer on the wireless network from attempting to access (hack) another computer on the same network.

Getting Connected

  1. Connect to the public wireless – the SSID is PPLPUBLIC. It is best to wait until the message “Additional logon information may be required” appears.
  2. Open a web browser – it will be redirected to the SPOT login page.
  3. You must enter an identifier to use the wireless even if you don’t want to print. The identifier can be anything you want, any length. If you plan on printing, it should be something you can remember that someone else won’t accidentally enter.

Printing From Public Computers

  1. Look for a printer icon or the word “Print,” and click it. Otherwise, choose “File,” then “Print Preview.”
  2. Make sure your document looks right in the preview. Choose how many pages and copies you want. *Note that you cannot print more than 50 pages at a time.
  3. For black and white prints ($.10 per page) select the “Black and White Printer.” For color prints ($.25 per page) select the “Color Printer”
  4. After clicking the “OK” button a summary box will appear with the details of your job. Click in the box and name your job. *Note that if you logged into the computer using a name your print jobs will use that name.
  5. At the printer, move the mouse or click a button. Type in your print job name then click “OK.”
  6. Deposit change or bills, or swipe a credit or debit card. *Note that a credit or debit card will be pre-authorized for $5.00 after swiping.
  7. Highlight which jobs you’d like to print, then click the “Print” button.
  8. Your printed pages will come out of the printer. If finished, click the change return button, or complete the card transaction.